Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Active Leonardo

I created a new tool designed for developers like me who usually have to create web applications from scratch in few minutes. Often the work is thrown away but often continues and evolves into a concrete project that needs to take a more substantial appearance. This arrangement saves precious time and also defines the mold.

Before you continue reading you need to know rails and its foundations.

The name of this project is ActiveLeonardo, a handy gem to quickly set up an application with rails 3.2. The source are available on github .

As the name suggests, is a simplified variant of the previous customizations that implements less invasive generates only a skeleton and is based primarily on active admin gem.
I abbandoned the last project because it required a challenging maintenance and the result was, however, a solution for only administrative purpose.

It 's still divided into two generators:
  1. leolay, that is performed once just after the creation of the application
  2. leosca, that is run for the generation of each resource and replaces the rails scaffold

Leolay prepares the way for leosca

Prepare everything you need to get a working application. What does in the detail depends on what you includes:
  • creates the user management and creates three test profiles
  • creates localizations files
  • generates a graphic style derived from activeadmin for any external sections

Generate resources with leosca

As the original scaffold, is a container of "things to do", some it makes directly but many others through the invocation of other generators. For each resource is finally invoked the generator activeadmin and on its result then it applies a slight customization for integration with the section of authorization managed once again with the cancan profiles.

How to use

The instructions are available at the project page where you will find a simple tutorial.

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