Friday, 7 March 2014

ActiveLeonardo: create a Rails 4 application with Ruby 2 and ActiveAdmin

In a previous article I described step by step how to create a managerial in few minutes with my generator ActiveLeonardo which uses ActiveAdmin. Actually it generates little code and could be called an assembler.

Since then there have been many innovations: rails 4 was released, we got to the 2.1.1 version of ruby and also the project ActiveAdmin, despite an initial period of torpor, is in full swing for some improvements but mainly to make it compatible with the latest version of the famework.

I was just waiting to find the time to update the project and with the help of a my colleague I finally released the new version.

We're using it for all new projects. The advantages of such a system are many:

  • Standardize corporate projects: uniform layout and structure. 
  • Centralize in a single point the changes of its own standard. 
  • Select the best gems or the best strategies that populate the web. 
  • Quickly create a new application and rapid integration of new functionality to an existing one. 
  • Easy maintenance.

However it should be considered the alteration of the functioning of rails going from mvc pattern to a model view, the controller is in fact hidden. It 'an incentive to encapsulate logic in the model as required by good practice although there remains the possibility to access controller methods or extend it with new ones.

The new version has been tested with:
  • Rails 4.0.3
  • Ruby 2.0
  • Activeadmin 1.0.0.pre
  • Windows

It works in the same way as the previous version so you can use the previous tutorial.
That version of ActiveAdmin is not present on Rubygems and you must use the source on github. The new active template has been set up and you should have no problems.

The new template has been completely revised and is constantly evolving. We tried to limit the questions by grouping gems by type. You may consider also this a starting point for creating your customized version.

The development took place on windows and for the moment the only os tested. The most obvious improvement is undoubtedly linked to the speed, now finally also on this os start up and run times are good, in line with those of rails 2. As soon as possible we will test the other os and version 2.1 of ruby.

The new version of Active Admin introduces some changes to an interface that already was great: easy to use and to customize.

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